December 4, 2014: Flying Back Home from Seattle

I was up pretty early this morning, around five.  That gave me a lot of time in the hotel room to get packed up and ready.  I hate being rushed before going to the airport so this was pretty nice.  I did not want to leave the hotel room until seven before it is only a five minute walk to the airport, only a seven and a half minute wait maximum for the next train and a thirty five minute ride to the airport.  My flight was scheduled to depart at a quarter till ten.  So that would put me at the airport a full two hours before my flight without any need to park a car or anything.  That should be very easy.

I leisurely showered, got dressed and packed this morning and got caught up on MangoLassi before leaving the hotel.  I checked out and walked to the West Lake train station on Pine which was a super easy walk.  The train was there as I arrived so I was able to step right on.  My fair was just $2.75 again.  So cheap to use the train in Seattle!  The ride was nice and easy.  Lots of people use the train but it was not crowded in any way, especially in the reverse commute direction that I was doing.

I got to the airport and was able to use a remote check in station at the train station rather than in the airport itself.  What a great idea.  I was checked in and my boarding passes were printed before I even stepped foot into the airport.  This was exceptionally easy.  I am very impressed by that idea.

I went through security and was ready for my flight long before it was time to leave.  I had plenty of time to get some breakfast and relax, which I did.  I went to a local seafood restaurant chain and had an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs scrambled with bay shrimp and dungeoness crab.  Really delicious.  And I got my only coffee my entire time in Seattle.  I knew that I had to get coffee here at least once on my trip.

After breakfast, which was right across from the gate, I went over and boarded my flight which was completely full.  I hate full flights, but what can you do.  Because it was full I was unable to get the first class seat like I had had in the other direction.  I was stuck in a middle seat too!  But I got lucky, the people sitting with me in the row were small and there was ample room; I was not crowded at all.  Everyone kept the armrests up and it was very spacious.  The one guy next to me actually had a cat with him too and that was no issue.  I can’t believe how calm the cat was on the flight.  It did really well.  He (the guy, not the cat) and I talked about half of the flight.  The eastbound direction takes a bit less time than the westbound direction and the flight went by in no time.

I had a one hour layover in Detroit which is pretty short as a layover goes, only enough time to grab a snack, use the restroom and sit for five minutes before boarding.  The last leg of my flight was on a tiny jet again and was delayed but by less than ten minutes.  I had the very last seat on the plane and thankfully I was the only one in the two seat back row.  So I had the little space that there was to myself and I was able to completely relax and spread out.  I used my iPad Mini for reading a book on functional programming for most of the eighty minute flight to White Plains.

I got into White Plains only a few minutes after originally scheduled.  They had had to check my luggage through from Seattle so I had to go to baggage claim to get that but that was quick.  Dominica and the girls were a few minutes late picking me up so I went to the Dunkin Donuts in the airport and got donuts for the girls.  I tried to get croissant donuts for Dominica and I as they are new and we have never had them before but they were sold out.

The girls were very excited to see me when I got to the car.  I took over driving and drove us home.  It takes about forty minutes to get home but it is mostly an easy drive.

We just hung out this evening and talked and stuff.  The girls really had a hard time without me even though it was not very long that I was away.

No word as to the results of the interviews today.  I did not expect to hear anything today but they had said yesterday that I might hear something today.  I am expected to hear something tomorrow.