November 21, 2014: Big Interview Day

Today was a very busy day for me.  After two days ago deciding that it was really, really necessary that I begin seriously considering what my “other” options are I have been swamped with people contacting me.  Even with the holiday coming up next week things have been super busy.  Dominica and I are feeling much better at this point knowing that there are a lot of options out there for me.  I have not been on an active career hunt for far more than a decade.  I haven’t really been serious about finding something completely new since 2000 when I made the transition from to IBM.  That was a couple weeks of hard core job hunting, but that was the last time.  When I left IBM in 2001 (the day before I met Dominica) I had decided that I was not looking for anything new and while I did find many contracts in the years between 2001 and 2006, at no time was I actively job hunting and was just picking up contracts as they came along while working full time with NTG.  So, quite literally, I have not been in full scale job hunting mode since almost exactly a year before meeting Dominica (thirteen years ago!) and only had a small amount of it at that time.  The last extended attempt was in early 2000 when I was interviewing all up and down the east coast all of the time.  I’m not really in that mode now, but am inching towards it.  So thirteen years is a really long time to go without having the solid feedback to know what your options are likely to be.

I reached out this morning to one of my top pick companies ever, anywhere and they got back to me within fifteen minutes and had an interview scheduled within an hour!  That was impressive.  We had a great talk this morning and I feel much better than I had been feeling.

I got some good, but far from conclusive, news about work later this morning.  There was some conversation between the businesses that have been creating the hold up the past two months and, I am told, that there should be some resolution on Monday.  I am not exactly holding my breath but this is the first that there has been anything like this at all in a very long time.  I’ve had no news whatsoever for two weeks as of today so this is a pretty big deal.  Even if the news is negative, it sounds like we will finally have an answer on Monday which is very much needed.  We need something definitive so that we can just move on with life.

Was on the phone much of the day.  It was a very busy day.

Had another great interview this evening with another company that I am really interested in.  It was a great day.  It is looking like I have a lot of choices.  That went until seven this evening.

Then at seven thirty I spoke for half an hour, via Skype, to the SpiceCorps Denver group.  We had bad Internet problems at the house, though, so we only had one way video and the audio was a bit problematic.  Our Internet here just continues to be problematic, although most of it stems from the wireless problems to the second floor and not from the outside access.  That has mostly been fixed.

After that presentation was over I went down to the living room and everyone hung out together as a family for the evening.