January 15, 2015: Driving to Dad’s

I got up at seven thirty this morning.  That’s quite early for me for the past two months.  The alarm caught Dominica quite by surprise.  I showered and got ready and then worked for about thirty minutes while Dominica was getting ready.  Then we packed the car and got the girls up.  We had to be out of the house by ten till ten so that we could get down to the Peekskill Coffeehouse to meet up with our renter so that we could talk about what the plans are and strategize about getting her back into the Peekskill house as soon as possible.

We were only a minute or two late getting to the coffee house.  Of course, no, after nearly three years of living in the Peekskill house and more than six years of owning the house right up the road from the coffeehouse we are finally using it for the very first time ever.

The coffee was great.  We were at the coffee shop for over an hour and a half.  We got a lot of good planning done and we think that we know what we are going to be doing.  Fingers crossed.  Hopefully we will find out tonight.

We got ourselves more coffee, each got a panini and we got back onto the road.  Liesl and Luciana riding in the little green Chevy Spark with me and Dominica driving the Acadia full of boxes.

Overall our drive went very well.  It was a quarter after five when we arrived at dad’s house so the trip took almost exactly five hours.  We did not hit snow, as often is the case, until we were just down the street from dad’s place.  The girls are getting used to the drive and Liesl knows when we are in Mt. Morris and when we are in “grandpa’s neighbourhood.”  Luciana said “Grandpa’s neighbourhood is my favourite!”

We gave the girls about an hour and a half to decompress from the drive.  Then we drove over to Geneseo to go to the Geneseo Family Restaurant.  Dominica has been wanting to go back there since we were here last time and we discovered that they have an extensive vegetarian menu with a number of tofu and fish options.

Dinner was good.  After dinner dad went back home and we made a quick stop at Walmart as we were out of chocolate milk for the girls and needed a few other supplies like bread for the weekend.

We spent the evening in the living room just talking.  Finally got the girls off to bed and stayed up until almost two in the morning as we really only get a chance to talk once they are in bed.  Otherwise they are just talking and talking all of the time and it is impossible to carry on a conversation of any sort.