January 14, 2015: Packing Up the Acadia

Did a bit of work this morning.  Our plan is to travel down to dad’s house in the morning tomorrow with a load of stuff for our storage.  Not a huge load, as we need to bring four people up there, but we are going to bring as much as we can get into the Acadia.  It will help a little, at least.

I ran out and picked up Indian take away for us for lunch.  We have not had Indian for a while and Dominica was craving it.  A nice change of pace.

This afternoon we watched one more episode of John Adams, he was elected vice president right as we finished up this episode, and then we set about getting the Acadia all packed up.  We only managed to get four large boxes in there, but three of them are the really big wardrobe boxes.  Those were really in our way in the bedroom, we have barely been able to walk around, so we are very thankful to have them out of the way now.

Still no idea what is going on with our renters.  We are meeting with them tomorrow morning at ten at the Peekskill Coffehouse to see if we can figure out a strategy.  We are getting a little worried that we are going to move out of our house and be homeless while still needing to pay the crazy Peekskill mortgage with no renters in the house.  That will be awful and crippling.

I worked most of the evening.  Once I was done we watched some of our regular shows that release new episodes and got the kids off to bed around eleven thirty.  Before we did, though, we watched several of the videos of the family from our last trip to Europe.  The girls really enjoyed that.  We also watched a few episodes of the latest season of Rick Steves.  His eighth season is available, with no commercials, via YouTube.  It plays better and looks better than if you get it from Hulu+ or other services.  If everyone used YouTube for their shows, those other services would not exist.  They do such a bad job of it.  Except for Netflix, they consistently work well too.

Heading to dad’s house in the morning right after we get coffee downtown.  Should be up to his place in the late afternoon.  Maybe around four or five.  Dominica is going to drive the Acadia and I am going to drive the girls in the Spark.