January 20, 2015: More Genealogy

I did a ton more research for our family tree today.  We are really getting a lot of branches tracked down and going really far back on my dad’s dad’s family.  It is amazing just how incredibly Swiss that part of the family is.  One remote branch is Norwegian (a surprise to everyone) and there is one person from the Czech Republic, long ago, and a few from the Alsace and one or two from German on the Rhine but by and large everyone is Swiss.  I knew that we were Swiss but the purity of the Swiss heritage is really surprising.  And we are not from a wide geographic sprawl within Switzerland either but from a rather tiny zone around Bern with a few people from the shores of Lake Constance.

We ordered in Domino’s to make things easy for lunch and we watched two episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

I got my travel plans for the next two weeks ironed out today.  I will be flying out of White Plains on Sunday (that’s just five days away!) and will be gone for two weeks.  On the evening of February 6th I will catch the red eye out of San Francisco and will be home by lunch time on Saturday.  It will suck losing the night of sleep but it makes it really easy for Dominica and the girls to deal with getting me to and from the airport.  So we are happy with how well that schedule turned out to be and that we have the details solidified now.  I don’t know where I will be staying in San Francisco yet but that is easy to deal with closer to when it is time to go.  As long as I know where I am going when I head to the airport on Sunday.

Tonight the girls and I played the last hour of Space Quest V.  I am glad to have that one over and done with.  We looked at the first five minutes of Space Quest VI, the last existing entry in the series, just to see what it looks like.  It appears to be a large leap in modernity over the former entries.  And it goes back to the audio narration of Space Quest IV which I much prefer.  I am hopeful that it will be better than the last ones.  The girls love them but these are not my favourite games by any stretch.

We put out a huge amount of stuff for pickup in the morning for donation.  We have about nine huge garbage bags full of stuff being donated, mostly toys, that are scheduled for an early morning pick up.  That cleared out a lot of the house.  You can feel that the house has been opened up with all of that stuff hauled out already.

Speaking of the morning, I am heading into Manhattan for the day so we have to be up rather early and I will be catching a morning train down to the city.  I will be in Midtown all day.  I’m only scheduled to get there at 10:30 so not a hectic morning.  I am hoping to be on the 9:13 train out of Peekskill which is off peak making things very easy.  I already have my iPod charged up and loaded with new Audible books so that I will have plenty of listening choices for the ride.  I am looking forward to a little quiet book time to myself.  I have not had any of that recently.

It was after midnight when I finally managed to get Liesl and Luciana into bed!  Boy they are good at managing to stay up late.