January 19, 2015: Brian Boitano Project

I did not get a lot of sleep last night despite having gone to bed exceptionally early.  Liesl and Luciana are little furnaces and they press right up against you when they sleep in your bed.  I had Liesl on one side and Luciana on the other and I was caught in the middle unable to move, which always makes it hard for me to sleep, and unable to stay cool enough to sleep.  So I woke up at three thirty sweating rather a bit.  I tried to go back to sleep but gave up by four and put in about four hours tracking down family histories online.  I managed to find hundreds of new family members that we previously knew nothing about.

I went back to bed to rest for about another hour but did not go back to sleep.

Dominica slept in the girls’ room last night as there was no room in our bed.  She got up shortly after I went back to bed because Luciana decided to get up, go into her own room and slapped Dominica in the face to wake her up and to ask for her morning chocolate milk.  Quite a way to be awoken.

This morning Dominica and I watched The Brian Boitano Project, which follows the Olympic skater as he “inherits” a home in the Lingurian region of Italy and renovates it to use as his second home.  It was interesting.

Then we finished watching Johnny English: Reborn on Netflix.  The girls enjoyed it.  They enjoyed it enough that Luciana asked us to watch the first Johnny English again.  She called it “the one like this one with the grown and staff, but not this one.”  Took Liesl to interpret that one for us.

Luciana watched Johnny English again. It is pretty funny that she has decided that she loves those movies.  She really likes National Treasure too and wanted to watch that again today, although we talked her into a family viewing of the Christmas Special of Doctor Who.

We liked the Christmas Special, we are very happy with where it appears that they are taking the next season of Doctor Who.  I won’t give away anything that might be a spoiler but something that we were really concerned about ended up not happening so we are very happy about that.

We played a little bit of Space Quest V tonight.  We are nearly to the end of that and looking forward to wrapping it up.