January 29, 2015: Day Four

I was back to getting to the office at ten today.  The walk, this morning, was very warm.  The sun was out and in my eyes the entire way to the office and I was sweating very hard long before I was even halfway there.  That was no pleasant.

I finally figured out where a cafe is en route to the office, right on seventh near the hotel which is very handy.  So I was able to stop in and grab a large coffee to bring with me on my walk.  Cafe Moda is very convenient for me.  I grabbed an apple Danish too.

Another awesome day at work.  Got to learn about the week’s successes at a meeting this morning’s meeting which was very cool to see ways in which we are improving the world or, most appropriately, helping to change the world.

Went out for lunch today at Market & Rye right behind the office.  I got a smoked deviled egg sandwich on lettuce which was really good, and moderately healthy.  More or less.  It was a great day to sit outside and eat along the sidewalk.  So nice being in California!

After work, around six, a bunch of people from the office went to the bar up the street for an after work happy hour.  This was nice as it gave me an opportunity to meet several new people and really hang out.  I had a really nice time; it was a lot of fun.  I hope that they do that next week as well since that is my last week being at the office here in San Francisco for the known future, although I would not be surprised if I did not come out here for a week during the summer, potentially.

I had two beers and a handful of tater tots.  Then I walked back to the hotel stopping at Custom Burger to get a salmon burger on my way back to make things easy.  I am over halfway through my Bill Bryson book now, as well.

I stayed up past midnight, very late for me out here in California.  On normal ten o’clock start tomorrow. I can’t believe that I am already up to the last day of my first week at my new job already.  This week and flown by.  Although I am looking forward to the weekend and a chance to really just relax and do pretty much nothing.  My plan is to visit Jeff, do some catching up on stuff in the hotel room and probably do some daylight walking around the city to see some more of San Francisco while I can.  I only have Saturday and Sunday to really see anything and I need to do laundry during that time too.  So my time is actually pretty limited.

Missing my girls but I will get lots and lots of time with them once I am back out east.