February 17, 2015: The Cinema is Dead

Today is back to work day for me.  Had a nice three day weekend to do the drive from Ohio to Texas and time to recover and get all caught up on sleep.  The Grice kids are all back in school today, so we did not see them.

Now that I am on Central time my day starts officially at noonish rather than one-ish.  I worked from the house all day.

Dominica went out and did some grocery shopping this morning and I watched the kids at the house.

Mostly today was a quiet day.  In the early afternoon Dominica had to go to the school and pick up Emily to take her to a dentist appointment.  They were only gone for a couple of hours.  I watched the girls again.

Dominica and Emily came back until Francesca picked up Emily after school was over.

This afternoon Joe went out to try to watch a movie in the theatre and the projector did not turn on.  He said that this happened to his Epson before and it had to be completely replaced.  Now it is dead again.  He spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do to fix it but was unable to get it working.  Epson recommended a firmware update that only works on Windows 98 through Windows 7.  Which suggests that Epson hasn’t been supporting their projectors for a very long time as that is four versions of Windows old at this point and no other OS is supported!  Joe’s dealing with this Epson is enough for me to never look at buying Epson products again.  Not good support at all and the same projectors completely dying twice in a short time is a bit much.  And apparently Epson had stopped supporting it before they had finished even selling it!  Not impressive.

The girls requested pizza for dinner so we obliged and ordered in from Dominos.  We tried watching the movie Hot Rod while we ate but the movie was unbearable and we turned it off.

I accidentally ate the last of the cheese sticks that we got and then we discovered that Liesl had been saving those for last.  I had not heard that she wanted any, I thought that she had wanted just pizza.  She was very upset but in Liesl style she was very magnanimous and said that it was fine and gave me a hug to make me feel better because I was very sorry that I had stolen her food.  But she went into the other room and was quietly sobbing under the dining room table.

So I ran to Little Cæsar’s and picked up an order of Liesl’s favorite style of cheese sticks just for her and brought them back.  She was very happy after that.