February 16, 2015: President’s Day at the House

My first two paychecks came via UPS this morning.  Very exciting to be getting paychecks again.  I started one day too late to have been able to have gotten my first paycheck on the normal schedule.  So I had to wait and get two of them on the “ides” schedule.  I am pay bi-monthly now, so the fifteenth (ides) and last day of each month.  So this was all of my pay going back to January 26th.

We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (which turned out to be closer to lunch.)  Francesca met us there and we took the girls.  So it was just the five of us.  Dominica and I have been wanting to eat there since our drive down when we had both seen so many billboards for Cracker Barrel that we had independently decided that we needed to go there since it has been a long time since we have done so.  Our food brains are very much aligned.

Breakfast was good.  It was seventy degrees and raining when we left Joe’s house.  It dropped to fifty degrees while we were eating!

After our breakfast we went over to the Grices’.  Dominica continued to work on the Disney travel plans.  Francesca was reading.  The older girls were locked away in their rooms, I only saw Emily walk by once and never saw Madeline at all.  The four young ones were all have a grand time playing one game after another.  They are all so cute playing together.

I hung out until around three then went back to Joe’s house so that I could get some work done.  I worked from there for several hours this afternoon.  My big accomplishment was getting SGL up to date.

At seven thirty I drove down to pick up Dominica and the girls.  It ended up taking way longer than expected to get everyone out of there.  We stopped at Sonic on the way home and got food for the girls.  Liesl wanted onion rings, a first as far as I know, and Luciana decided to get French toast sticks which she did not eat one bite of tonight (but she had some tomorrow and decided that this is now her favorite food.)

We got back to the house and the plan was to watch Oklahoma! as a family.  It is about time to start Liesl on her appreciation of classic cinema.  But by the time that we got to the house Luciana was tired and decided that she wanted to go to bed and she asked Liesl to stay with her.  Liesl decided that she wanted to stay with her sister.  So they got into bed quite early.

Dominica and I went out to Cinema Joe and watched We’re the Millers which we ended up finding really well done.  We did not know what this movie was at all and had just selected it because of the name and cast and because Joe had it on Blurry which made it easy.  But we were very happy with the selection.

After the movie it was off to bed for us, too.  About eleven thirty when we went to bed.

Worth noting for fans of Rodger & Hammerstein musicals is that after waiting for a very long time Oklahoma! is now available for purchase on Amazon VOD and Carousel and State Fair are free for Prime members.