February 20, 2015: Gilmore Girls Themed Movie Weekend

Today is the last day of my fourth week of the new job.  That’s nearly a month done already, it really feels like I just started.  Things seem to be going well and I still love it there so that is a good sign.

The weather was great today.  Dominica took the girls outside for a lot of the day so that I could have it be a bit more quiet, they love to play loudly when I am home.  They like to play imaginative games, which is great, but they just talk and talk to act out their games and it makes it extremely hard to actually do any work.  But today was gorgeous.

For the past two weeks, the north east has been getting slammed with record cold weather.  Meanwhile, here in Texas, we have the windows open and are spending time outside enjoying the perfect weather.  Not even jackets or fleeces needed.

This evening Francesca and Emily came over and surprised Dominica with Chinese take away and snacks like from a movie night on the Gilmore Girls so that we could all do a Gilmore Girls themed evening.  Francesca wanted it to be a surprise so I had to convince Dominica not to eat dinner without telling her that food was coming.  Not an easy task.

We looked at the list of movies “watched” on The Gilmore Girls and selected Easter Parade (1948) as our first movie to watch.  It was one that none of us have seen before.  But before we could get started there were minor child logistical needs and Francesca had to disappear for quite some time to get Garrett from a failed birthday party at the mall and then to get Madeline from her tennis event.

While Francesca was gone, Joe fired up the hot tub at Liesl’s request.  Liesl has been talking about getting to go into the hot tub for weeks now.  It was warm enough today and Joe was home early enough that we could do it.  It took about an hour to heat up while I continued to work.  Then Dominica watched the girls while they played in the hot tub for a while.

At one point a downpour came so I ran and got suited up and went into the hot tub with Liesl and Luciana.  Unfortunately the rain stopped very quickly.

We were in the hot tub for probably close to an hour.  It was very relaxing.  I can’t figure out why no one else joined us, it was very nice.  We had a great time just hanging out, the three of us.

Once Francesca finally made it bad, a few hours later, we fired up the movie, got Luciana off to bed, and settled in for Easter Parade.  The movie was pretty good, Liesl even joined us and watched most of it.  Emily tried but fell asleep.  Dominica was drifting by the end.  Francesca and I made it through the whole thing.  It was okay but a rather week first movie pick of a regular series of classic movie nights.  It was struggling to hold anyone’s interests, even with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland.

After the movie, Francesca and Emily went back home and Liesl went off to bed.  Dominica and I attempted to watch an episode of Sleepy Hollow but Dominica was unable to keep herself awake and we had to abandon the effort.  So it was only just after eleven when we went to bed.