February 21, 2015: Classic Movie Day

I had insomnia last night and only got about one hour of sleep.  I laid in bed but gave up on falling back asleep around four in the morning.  I got myself out of bed and came down and sat in the kitchen using the laptop all morning.  It was kind of nice getting four or five hours in the quiet, I have not had that in a few weeks.  Not since before I left California.

Today continues the weekend-long, Gilmore Girls-themed, classic movie marathon for Francesca, Dominica and me.  Francesca and the little kids, Garrett and Clara, came over very early, before I had even seen Dominica get up, and got the movies started.

The first movie up this morning is Valley of the Dolls which I did not join the girls to watch. They are attempting to only watch movies that none of us have seen and that were watched on The Gilmore Girls.  But mostly they watched really bad movies on that show and the good ones that they watched are very well known movies that we have all already seen, especially Dominica and me who are cinema buffs.

The girls ended up going through movie after movie, including All  About Eve that they started, made it part way through, and then gave up on.  They did this, starting and stopping movies, much of the day.  I was busy doing some work and running errands, including getting Madeline and Emily from tennis practice at one point, so I missed most of it.  I was confused as to how they were going through so many movies so quickly – it was because they were watching less than half of them!

When I finally settled into the living room to join them we watched part of Carousel.  I was so confused as to why they were picking the movies that they were picking because they were almost all movies that were predictably going to be really bad – movies that we had mostly avoided for a reason over the years.  But they were attempting to only watch movies watched on The Gilmore Girls and only ones that none of us had ever seen which was a pretty big limitation.

After this point we said that we just had to try some good movies, this could not go on.  So we got Francesca and now Emily too to watch Doris Day and Rock Hudson in one of our all time favourite movies: Pillow Talk.  Everyone liked this one and we have now convinced everyone that watching movies because they are good is better and if we have already seen them can still be okay.

It was bed time after that.  All day and only one good movie to show for it.