February 3, 2015: The Home Stretch

I got up around seven today and put in some time working through my Trivia Crack backlog to make sure that I was not missing any of my games.  I am doing pretty well in Spanish now.  The amount that this is helping my reading comprehension is surprising.  I can read so much more and so much faster than a month ago.  And I have won well over one hundred games in Spanish now (and some in Catalan, French and Portuguese.)

Then I did my daily DuoLingo training to make sure that I am staying on track there.  I do 20XP which requires a minimum of two lessons per day.  I did that and ran down the battery on my phone and got it plugged in.  Then I took my shower to get ready for work.

My favorite set of tweezers, which I have had for probably more than a decade now, went missing last night.  I know exactly where they were and I am pretty sure that the housekeeping staff just threw them out without thinking.  I am very sad.  Both because I have no other tweezers with me but also because it takes me forever to find a pair that I really like and that pair was by far the best in recent years.  They will be missed for sure.

After my shower I was on the computer for a little bit and did not leave the hotel until after nine so I had to walk a little more briskly this morning.  I am not sure if I am adjusting to the temperatures or if it is getting dryer or something but I was not so hot when I got to the office today, which was great.  Maybe I am starting to get into shape!  But probably it is just better weather.

For lunch today I went to What’s Up Dog again and got the veggie sausages.  Very tasty.

I am scheduled to have dinner on Thursday evening with Loggly which is very cool.  Their offices are very close to my hotel.  One of the things that I love about being in San Francisco and Silicon Valley is that all of the companies that I work with or know of are based out here.  There is a huge value to having all of the talent in a single place.  You can easily run around meeting with and talking to just about everyone.  It is no wonder that companies are willing to pay to be located here, even though it is the most expensive city in the country.  You can really get a lot done.  I have been using Loggly for about a year so I am looking forward to getting to meet up with them and see where they are going now.

Left work a little before six and walked home.  I stopped at Custom Burger as usual.  I only have probably one more chance to eat there after today so no real reason to worry about looking for something else at this point.  Tonight is Tuesday.  There are only three days left here in San Francisco and tomorrow is the only night that I am free for dinner, although even then there is a happy hour after work so not very likely that I will want to get food separately from that.  And then Thursday night I am having dinner with the Loggly folks.  And on Friday, after work, it is straight to Jeff and Sarah’s house in San Bruno for me and I am sure that we will get dinner there at the diner by their house.  Then it is off to the plane to fly back to New York.  So my chances to go out to eat on my own are mostly over, at this point.

I came back to the hotel and ate my food while watching a telenovela in an attempt to improve my Spanish.  I was able to follow along a little bit and learned a few works in the process.

I did a little work on RubyMine tonight.  Worked on some Git.  Worked on my Spanish a little.  Talked to some people.  Did a little posting. But I was more or less tired and wanted to get off to bed on the early side, so that is what I did.  I was in bed by a quarter after ten.