March 19, 2015: Last Full Day

This is it, we are down to the wire.  Today is my last full day here in Texas.  I am picking Brittany and Joe up from the airport early tomorrow morning and then working all day and heading to the airport for my flight to Florida tomorrow evening.

The dogs did well last night.  Liza slept beside the bed, Indy slept at my feet and Aurora snuggled under the covers keeping me warm.  They seem to get more calm the more that they realize that I am here and not going anywhere.

There is much to be done today.  Cleaning, paperwork, bills, Amazon deliveries, battery charging, packing, laundry, paying bills, going through mail, and work, of course.  Plus taking care of the dogs which is a rather demanding thing.  I still have some time tomorrow but it is limited and very last minute.

Did a ton of work cleaning and getting stuff ready today.  I can’t believe how much cleaning that there was to do!  I just keep doing it and there just keeps being more.  I did a few loads of laundry too.  So much garbage has been produced.  I’m bringing bag after bag down from the upstairs.  How so much trash got made in the weeks that we were here I cannot understand.

I took care of more details today like getting our Chevy Spark registered again here in Texas.  That requires getting paperwork done from a few places but I think that it is all set now.  And I did some bill paying.  Trying very hard to have all of my ducks in a row.  Once we leave, it is all so final.

I got the new memory cards for the cameras via Amazon today and the additional batteries and charger for the Nikon AW100.  So I got all four batteries charged and ready for that too.

I got most of the house cleaned up today.  Pretty much just the final stuff in Dominica and my bedroom to do, most of which is done, and then the big job of cleaning up the girls’ room which is a huge disaster.

For dinner I just ran out to Taco Bell.  Then hung out with the dogs for a little bit and watched some more of the second season of M*A*S*H while more laundry was running.

I decided that I wanted something sweet so went to Sonic for their milkshakes later on in the evening.

Dominica and the girls took a half day in the parks today.  Today they were back in Universal and they had a rough morning so took the afternoon off.  They need to rest so are taking tomorrow off completely so that they will be rested and ready to go to EPCOT with me on Saturday!

The countdown has begun, much less than twenty four hours until I head for the airport.  I can’t believe that our move, that we have been working on since late in 2011, is finally coming to fruition.

I am really looking forward to seeing my girls.  It’s been a full week without my babies now.