March 18, 2015: Cleaning and Packing

Well, only two days left at this point so my main tasks really center around cleaning the house and getting everything packed up and ready to go.  The dogs did great last night, they all slept in bed with me which makes for a pretty full bed.  Aurora gets under the covers and snuggles much like Oreo used to.  The dogs all stayed in bed, more or less, into the afternoon so I got the morning with some quiet without them being all over me which is good.  Dog sitting the three of them for a week has really made me not want to have a dog again – none of these three is anything like Oreo.  They all are full of the annoying dog straights like barking at everything and constantly jumping on you but have none or very little of the sweet, affectionate traits that you would want in a dog.  They have been driving me crazy and there are so many things that I need to do that I completely am unable to do, like work on podcasts, because of them and everyone can hear them on every conference call that I do.

Today I spent hours cleaning around the house.  The girls really left an incredible mess in every corner of the house. I had to really walk all over trying to figure out where all they had left stuff.  I really mean the entire house is covered in their mess.

I had a few Amazon shipments come today.  Mostly the GoPro equipment including batteries, charger, LCD touch screen, floaty back, hard drives for video backups and more.  It was a really big order.  I had to place one more order today for batteries and charger for the Nikon AW100 as well as we appear to have left the charger for that stored somewhere in New York as we cannot locate it here, anywhere.

This afternoon, once work was really slow, I went down the street to Waffle House down by I45 and had lunch there alone.  I only have a few meals left in Texas before heading out.  I figured that it would be slow at this time of day, it was around four thirty.  But it turned out that I was the only person there for the entire time that I was there!  So very, very slow indeed.

This evening was spent wrapping up work for the office then about a forty five minute phone call with Danielle followed by an hour phone call with Paul and Danielle.  Then I put in another hour or two cleaning around the house.

This evening, in the hallway in front of the laundry room, I uncovered a massive spider that I could not identify that had been underneath a hamper that had been left there.  It was so big, very possibly the largest non-pet spider that I have ever seen in my life and definitely the largest that I have ever seen indoors.  It was really scary.  I had to spray it with Pledge to slow it down and then drop something heavy on it, repeatedly, to bring it to a stop.  So nasty.  I really hope that that is the only one.  It’s going to be hard to sleep tonight after seeing that thing!

I was so busy today that I did not watch a single thing, not at my desk nor on the television in the living room (there is no theatre as the projector has been broken for anyone who has not followed along.)

The family was in EPCOT today but I got no real report on the day.  In the evening I know that they were going to Norway to have a Princess Dinner experience there – that is their favourite place to do it.  I believe that they are only doing that once this entire trip so tonight is the big one for the three little girls.  This will be their only day in EPCOT until the rest of the family leaves.  Then my family will do EPCOT with me on Saturday for my one day in the parks.