May 14, 2015: Day with My Niece

Today is my day to watch Madeline.  I got up around eleven knowing that I was going to have to be up very late tonight.  We both just puttered around the house until roughly one.  That gave me time to shower and change and do a few things before we had to drive down to her high school to drop off her stuff for her band trip to Florida tomorrow morning.

We dropped off the luggage a little before two and then went out for a late lunch at Cracker Barrel in League City.  Lunch was great and I am always surprised by how cheap Cracker Barrel is.  It feels like it is going to be so expensive and you get so much food but it is really cheap.  Cheaper than any diner in Peekskill, that is for sure.  We ended up staying there for about an hour.

We didn’t do much this afternoon.  Mostly Madeline just hung out in the living room and I did some light work upstairs.  She had quite a bit of homework to do and spent several hours on that so it was dark and time for dinner by the time that she was done with that.

Around seven I ran out to Taco Bell and acquired dinner for us.  We ate that and watched an episode of That Seventies Show which she had never seen and, surprisingly, somehow doesn’t know any of the actors, many of whom are currently very big stars.

After we ate she tried to get a little sleep.  I went up to my desk and watched M*A*S*H which is now available on Netflix.  I have not seen that show in twenty years for sure and very likely quite close to thirty years.  I only saw it now and then when I was young.  I saw a lot of it, to be certain, but it was always sporadic.  My dad and I both liked it a lot back in the early 1980s.  But watching it in reruns made it oddly out of time and had no continuity.  So I decided to go back and watch it now, in order.  So I am working my way through the first season.  It all seems familiar yet new, too.  And the show holds up surprisingly well.  I can’t believe how good even the first episodes are now, forty three years later!

Madeline managed to get a few hours sleep, maybe more than three.  I stayed up as it would be silly to go to bed just to have the alarm go off at two thirty.  I’m often still up then anyway.

So at two thirty Madeline got up and at a quarter till three we headed out the door.

I was back in the house by four, watched an episode of M*A*S*H and got into bed.