March 15, 2015: The Week Alone Begins

I got to bed at four thirty this morning after having dropped Madeline off at her high school so that she could head over to Florida.  I got home and watched an episode of M*A*S*H before heading to bed.

The dogs got me up around ten this morning.  I actually did better than I had figured that I would.  But I would have liked a lot more sleep than this.

I got up, let the dogs out and checked in with Dominica.  They are in Universal Studios this morning doing the Harry Potter Experience and having a great time.  Dominica said that Liesl rode the Expedition Everest roller coaster in Animal Kingdom yesterday!  That is a really big roller coaster for her.  I certainly would not want to ride that.  I can’t believe that my six year old rode it!!  I never did anything like that until I was in college and even then only once or twice.

Luciana managed to clock in at exactly forty inches when measured in the Animal Kingdom and that meant that she got to ride Dinosaur! just like Liesl did when we were there with Dad back in late 2013.  Luciana loved it.  She was so excited when she came out saying that they went to the time of the dinosaurs! I am so glad that she got to ride it.

Today they did the Harry Potter Experience and Liesl rode the Gringotts ride and Dominica said that it was too intense and scared her a bit.

I spent some time getting all of the photos and videos uploaded from my phone today.  I need my iPhone as clear as possible before we head to Spain so that we are able to take pictures whenever we want to.  We have no idea what our uploading capabilities are going to be from there.  I am also working hard to get caught up or ahead on my writing as I am going to be out of commission for a bit when first heading overseas.  We don’t know what the Internet and phone situation is really going to be like.

I stopped working in the middle of the evening and took some time to go downstairs and relax while watching some shows.  I watched more M*A*S*H and then, for some strange reason, tortured myself with Scary Movie 5.  But then I discovered that Netflix how has one of my favourite Disney live action movies ever, The Rocketeer from 1991.  That was an amazing film that I have not seen in many, many years.  So I had a great time getting to see that again.

I resisted going out for any food today and just ate what was left around the house, which wasn’t much.