April 10, 2015: Living in the Clouds

Got up this morning to yet another day of the village completely encased in fog.  Unlike yesterday, where the sun burned most of the fog off by mid-afternoon, today it stayed cold and foggy all day.  Very cold.

Dominica had been working on laundry but had to put a stop to it yesterday because it was too cold and damp.  She gave it a try today, though, as we just need some laundry done.

Dominica and I tried to use the terraza this morning but after ten minutes I found that it was so bright, from the sun lighting up the fog from every direction, that I was completely unable to use my laptop at all up there.  I was completely blind from the brightness and was forced to abandon the attempt. A bright sunny day with zero clouds is easier to overcome than that.

This evening we were cold enough that we had to close up the house and Dominica and I attempted to make a fire in the stove in the kitchen.  That went mildly badly.  We had a big log and some kindling but never, even after half an hour of trying, got it to really get going.  It kind of smoldered, but that was all.  Very little heat.

Dominica went to bed pretty early tonight. I stayed up working till around one.

Tonight when I took the garbage out I managed to stumble on a guy taking a whiz on the side of the church, right on the main street well within sight of every person awake in town as he was right across the street from the main bar.  Very bizarre.

Before I went to bed I checked on the fire and it had, after about four hours of doing pretty much nothing, actually turned into a real, but still small, fire.  Sure, now that I am leaving the kitchen and don’t really care anymore since not one tiny BTU of that heat will make it down into our basement cave.  Hopefully it will make the guest room where the girls are sleeping a little bit better.

Tomorrow we leave for Sevilla for a “vacation” weekend seeing more of this lovely country.  We will be staying there for two nights and returning to the Alpujarras on Monday afternoon.