April 14, 2015: Travel Recovery Day at Home

The wind continued all night and into the day today.  The valley was bright and hazy.  Very warm outside considering how much wind we have.  It is a very odd feel today.  If you get a moment without the wind it is very warm.  But the wind is crazy and carries any heat away in seconds leaving you actually cold.  This is one of the windiest days I have ever experienced, especially for such a sustained period of time.

We can’t do anything outside today.  The wind is completely crazy.  Can’t do laundry.  Can’t sit outside, not even to eat.  Food will blow right off of your plate.  And it makes the whole house so noisy.  There is no one outside anywhere, everyone is avoiding the wind.

One thing that I am starting to notice, living in Europe, is that all of the bad news that we see from around the world is not happening here.  When you live in the United States you are bombarded with negative news about horrible things happening around the States like shootings, beatings, terrible healthcare problems, etc.

Today is primarily a YouTube videos day for the girls.  They have been completely addicted to craft videos for a month now like Cookie Swirl C and The Engineering Family.  They always need a down day after a big weekend of traveling.  Dominica used today to read, as well.

Very calm, normal day.  Surprisingly, the local market never opened today.  So we are a bit short on foodstuffs as we typically only buy them “as we need them” and normally the only risk is that we would run out of food during siesta and have to wait for people to wake up from their naps before we could restock.  A whole day with no market was a surprise.  No idea why it was closed.  So we were pretty lean on food around the house today.