April 15, 2015: Back to School

The wind continued today but not as much as it was yesterday.  Still continuous howling outside, though.  It is even more overcast than yesterday.  Today we are in the clouds and can’t see anything.  The mountains, the valley, even much of the village, is gone.  Another day with no option to do laundry as it would get wetter, not dryer, hanging outside (assuming that it did not blow away entirely.)

In the late morning we got a bit of rain as well.  Not for long, half an hour at most.  First a light dripping (it drips slowly but doesn’t drizzle like back home) then a short burst of real rain that got the landing quite wet since all of the doors were wide open.

We decided on another very quiet and relaxing day at home today.  We had a tough time with Liesl and school this morning but we put in some time researching other school things for her to do and think that we have some good answers.

I am doing history with Liesl through the Khan Academy now and we really enjoyed our first two lessons today.  The first lesson was so good that Liesl asked to do a second one!  And I really like that the website keeps track of what lessons we have done, how much work she has done.  It’s good for seeing overall progress.  And she likes getting points and badges.

Dominica found new science and math apps for Liesl to use on the iPad which helps a lot too.  Liesl really likes interactive learning and when doing learning with Dominica they tend to argue a lot but you can’t argue with the iPad.  So it lowers the friction a lot.

Otherwise, very little to report.  By the evening the clouds were getting to be less and there was some hazy sunshine.  Slightly warmer, enough for me to go outside for twenty minutes or so, but I gave up on that.

Stayed up very late working tonight.  Working on some Redis database projects.  Was up until four in the morning.