April 8, 2015: Hitting Our Stride

Up at nine thirty today.  Got up and showered, getting used to this Spanish style shower at this point.  The kids were up before ten thirty.

I feel like our family has hit our stride, as of today, here in Spain.  Today was productive, real productive like it should be.  So far a lot of our time has been spent dealing with the whole concept of being in Europe and in Spain and kind of freaking out about the whole thing.  I was able to effectively work all day today.  Liesl did great in school today.   Dominica was productive today.  Luciana was happy and entertaining herself learning about craft projects all day.  We are starting to live a normal live here in Spain now.  This was an important breakthrough for all of us.

Our adventure this morning was that Dominica was doing the laundry upstairs and had opened the umbrella on the terraza.  It was a pretty windy morning and when she went up there at one point she discovered that the umbrella was gone!  She called for me in a panic and I ran up to the terraza.  Before I got there she had located the umbrella – over on the neighbour’s roof!  It was caught in the laundry wires there, for the moment, but was struggling to break free and was going to be flying over the village in no time.  Any second it could be on its way someplace truly inaccessible.

Thankfully the neighbour’s whose roof it was on is connected to us and I had a means of getting there by climbing up on our terraza’s railing, three stories above the stone-surfaced plaza and marble steps, and climbing onto the tiles of their roof edge and onto their roof which is another half story above our terraza.  I made it to the umbrella just before it took off and had to fight it to stay under control.

That made for a little bit of an exciting morning.  Later on, Dominica fell down the terraza stairs, but only right at the bottom and managed to only hurt her left arm a little.  She is fine.

I had a very productive morning getting a lot of work done.  Liesl had a really good school day.  She was happy and cooperative and flew through her work doing really well at it.  At one point she said, after doing a lot of reading, that she wanted to be done with that and wanted to do math.  So cute.

I got a new article submitted today.  Hopefully that will be published tomorrow.

The day suddenly turned into evening.  Had a relatively busy evening at work.  I wasn’t tired and ended up working until three thirty in the morning and then took another three hours before I felt like going to bed.  So nearly six thirty in the morning before going to bed