April 29, 2015: Tropico 4

Last night I installed Steam on my Mac so that I could see if there were any games that would work on it and to see if the Mac had enough power to run any of them.  The Mac is so slow, even being the top of the line with all the bells and whistles, that it often struggles with putting typed text onto the screen so I was concerned that it would not be able to run any games or anything requiring more power but it actually did alright with it.

The game that I downloaded to try out was Tropico 4.  Back in the U.S. when I had a Windows desktop I had been playing Tropico 3, which I liked a lot, but it was just about all that my desktop could do to keep up with it.  My desktop is very old.  But Tropico 3 will not run on a Mac, but Tropico 4 will (I own the entire set of the first four Tropico games) so that is what I tried.  To my surprise it ran very well and looks great.  Very playable.

I played through the tutorial and first campaign this morning.  It is a fun game.  I missed it since we left the US.  Nice to have it back.

Work was very, very slow today.  I am the only engineer that is not at an offsite meeting together for the rest of the week so I really have no one to interact with or anything.