May 15, 2015: Pointless Trip to Órgiva

With me having been gone for so long today was a “need to go to Órgiva” day for Rachel and Shawn as they need access to cash and stuff and we all need to get groceries.  So we made sure that we were up on the early side and the three of us drove down to the city while Dominica and the girls stayed home.  Remember, we do not all fit into the little Opal Corsa at the same time so we have to drive places in shifts.

It was a very warm day but the clouds were coming down from over the hill behind our village.  Rather humid.

We got down to Órgiva and discovered that everything, really everything, was closed.  Both grocery stores and nearly any business that we could see.  Thankfully the ATMs (Telebanco) are outside so we were able to get cash which was the most important reason for the trip.  We tried going to the Moroccan place to get take out to take up the hill to Dominica for lunch but discovered that that was all locked up tight.  (A few weeks later Dominica and I would figure out, after trying to go there again on a Friday, that it is a devout Muslim cafe and of course they are closed on Fridays!)

Some of the restaurants on the main restaurant row were open but they were all completely empty.  We looked around and decided to just go into Nemesis II which Dominica, the girls and I have eaten in before but Rachel and Shawn have not and we just settled at the bar and ordered some drinks and made do with whatever tapas were delivered with them which were nothing fancy, but not bad either.  Mostly meat, so nothing really for me to eat.  We all got beer called “Limón Latina” or something like that, which is a really odd name, but was refreshing and delicious.  We were all pretty surprised by that particular beer find.

After drinks we gave up on doing anything down in the city.  We took our cash and headed back up the mountain for the day.

Lots of work for me today, several meetings too.  I ended up working quite late.  Shawn and Rachel ended up going to Cafe Bar Piqui without me tonight but I was able to join them late in the evening just before things closed up.  Thankfully they had ordered beers and gotten tapas before I got there and neither of them had been too thrilled with eating plates of ensaladilla rusa, which is one of my all time favourite Spanish dishes (and Italian as well) so they eat had partial plates left over for me to eat which made me very happy.

A rather short and quiet night for everyone.  We are ready for the weekend!

After getting back from the bar, Shawn, Rachel and I went up to the terrace with some wine and just hung out of there.  While we were up there, Rachel sneaked down and passed out on their bed.  It was pretty hilarious.  Shawn and I were just like “where did Rachel go”.  When we went down from the terrace we found her completely dressed and passed out.   Like she had just walked into the room and fallen forward onto the bed.  Apparently she was pretty tired.