May 26, 2015: Rachel and Shawn Move to Granada

Like many days, we all slept in quite a bit this morning.  Last night was a late one as Rachel, Shawn and I were spending what time we could together before they had to leave today.  They had gotten mostly packed up last night and today, when they got up, we barely got to see them at all as they were busy getting everything packed and heading to the car as soon as they good.  I was up around noon, but spent the morning playing some Tropico as I have not been able to play for several days and am looking for some down time to just relax.

It was just after two when Rachel and Shawn, loaded up with all of their stuff that they have not had to carry on their backs like this for nearly a month, were out the door and the girls were standing on the first floor terrace waving to them as they went up to the plaza and off to their car to drive up to Granada Airport.

Dominica and I just took it easy today.  I am back to work today so had a bit to keep me busy.  Dominica came up to the kitchen and sat with me and played Tropico 4 on her laptop so that we could spend time together.  Today she played so much that she has caught up to me and pulled ahead of me.

We kept up with Shawn and Rachel while they were dealing with stuff in Granada.  They dropped off the car no problem and had to wait at the airport a couple of hours to get their bus to go wherever they had to go, which they were not aware of were that was for a while.

It was very late in the day by the time that they finally got to the house where they are staying and working for the next week or so.  It turned out to be very far north of Granada where they had thought that they were going to be.  They are in a small village far to the north west of Granada nearly halfway to Jáen.  They are outside of Alcalá la Real.

I worked very late tonight, until about four in the morning.  Dominica and the girls were in bed long, long before me.

At this point, every day is our “last of that day” in Spain.  Today was our last Tuesday.  We really can’t believe that we have to leave so soon.