May 27, 2015: Alone Again

Today is our first day in our Cáñar home just as a family in nearly a month.  It was four weeks ago that Ryan came to visit us for a few days and Rachel and Shawn arrived at the same time that he left to return to the US.  It seems rather strange having the house to ourselves again after all of this time and having the guest bedroom as an extra room for us to use (the girls slept there last night and Dominica used it as a reading room this morning.)

Rachel and Shawn are safely in their “home” in Granada as of last night.  They are not happy to have to be working now instead of getting a bit of a vacation and time to relax and explore.  They will not have a free day at all until Sunday!

Both Dominica and Rachel are pretty sick today.  Food poisoning or something, they think.  It might just be a sensitivity to the food in Morocco.  It might just be from all of the traveling.  Who knows.  Shawn and I are fine, though.

A very slow day today.  We did pretty much nothing.  We both played some Tropico 4 this morning.  I worked until very late again tonight.  It is really just a normal work week for me here in Spain.

Tonight, after work, I put in some work on MangoLassi, Gamrhaus and the Kidding Around Europe Communities as the NodeBB codebase is up to 0.7.0 and it is a major update.  So I was up until six in the morning working on that.