May 28, 2015: Busy Mango Day

Our second day of having the house to ourselves.  It is weird to be all alone here.  And very odd that we are making our plans for leaving Spain already.  We are very sad about that.  We absolutely love it here and cannot wait to be back in the fall.  The time away is going to be tough.

I slept in but not nearly as late as my going to bed at six this morning would make you think that I would.  It was really a quiet day, very little happening here.  The weather is great, bright and sunny but not too warm.  It is no wonder that people love Spain.  It has all the benefits of the summer in the US but without the crazy heat.

The flies are still completely insane.  They are all over us, all of the time.  Every moment of the day we are covered in flies and it is driving us bonkers.  At least in the last week the bees have all gone away and the ants have become a much less invasive pest.  It is like the insects come in waves, like the plagues.  First it was the ants, then the bees and now the flies.  I have to say, the flies are the worst and the bees were the best.  Other than scaring the women folk, the bees did nothing.  The ants were nasty and we had to keep doing things to get rid of them but they did not actually bother you.  The flies, they get on your face and on your head.  They climb on my hands as I type.  They get in and on everything.

Played a little Tropico today but very little, maybe an hour tops.  MangoLassi was crazy busy today.  After the updates last night it was hopping with activity.  And the site help up really well too.

I found out today that my boss is going to be out of the office for, more or less, a season so I have a feeling that a lot of my plans for work over the summer have just changed and that I am not going to be going out to California in late June like I had been expecting.  Just what I am doing, I do not know, that will need to be determined.  So all of our planning about how I am getting from one place to another and when – whether by car or plane or whatever – is unknown.  That seems to be pretty much par for the course around here, though.

I am slowly working through a month long backlog of pictures on Flickr.  They are finally all uploaded and visible but many are not rotated correctly or labeled or whatever so I am working on that.

Dominica and the girls went to bed at a reasonable time today.  I did not get to bed until five in the morning.  My schedule is all thrown off.  Slowly getting SGL caught up too.  At least two posts per day, three if at all possible.