May 5, 2015: Ryan Sleeps Through the Day

Today is Tuesday.  We were pretty worried when Ryan went to bed last night, being so tired, that he was going to sleep through the entire day today.  And we were right.  We had been talking about maybe going to Lanjarón today for lunch and getting some time to walk around and, if there was enough time, going to see the Moorish Castle there, but that did not happen.

It was after three when Ryan finally woke up.  Dominica has been saying that there is something about this house that makes people just sleep for forever and it appears to be true.  We are not the only ones.

We just had a casual day until Ryan finally got up.  Once we was up and showered and ready to face the world, which was around four, we went to the Meson Rural Los Angeles for lunch.  This is only our second time since moving to Spain that we are going to the local restaurant in town!  I can’t believe that we finally got Dominica to go out for a meal in town.

We had a nice lunch.  We forgot how good the food was there.  Luciana got the calamari.  Might be the best calamari we have had yet since being in Spain!

After our lunch we went for a little walk in the lower part of town, down the GR7, exploring some of the walking areas that Dominica and I have not even had a chance to go down yet ourselves.  I did not have much time with them, though, and had to actually jog up the hill to get home in time to make my stand up meeting.

While I was working, Ryan and Dominica tried to go for a walk on the GR7 which Dominica has not done before.  Originally Ryan was just going to go but then Dominica decided to go with him.  Ryan had been thinking that he would try to get to the next town over, but I think that this was a rather unrealistic attempt given the distance and the fact that these are very rural paths.  They ended up not making it very far before it got dark and needing to turn around.  They failed to follow the path and ended up going up the hill and finding the village cemetery which was neat, but not intended.

Dominica tried to buy tickets for the Alhambra tonight so that we could go see it tomorrow. They sell tickets online.  Unfortunately she discovered that the Alhambra tickets are sold out for six months!  Well that has altered our plans a bit.  She did more searching and found that there were just a few slots available in a guided tour tomorrow.  The cost is crazy, but it is our only chance to see the Alhambra while living here and it would be ridiculous to miss it now that we are here.  So we talked about it and decided to spend a few hundred dollars to have the chance to see the biggest attraction in Europe before not living right next to it.

After work was done, Dominica stayed home with the girls and Ryan and I went to the Meson Rural Los Angeles, where we had had lunch today.  We got there and ordered beers.  This is the first chance that I have had to get a beer since we moved to Spain!

We had a good time and got to meet some of the locals.  We had a good exchange using a mixture of Spanish and French and just a little English.  But we got to know people a bit and going out in town will be a bit more comfortable after this.  (It would turn out weeks later that I would get to know these guys well and they are all politicians.)