July 23, 2015: The Spark is Registered

The countdown to Panama is on now!  Today is our last normal day where we will have a day in Texas and get to go to bed at the end of it.  This international trip really sneaked up on us.  We are not prepared and almost nothing is packed or ready.

I was up early and straight off to Friendswood City Hall to see the Tax Assessor about getting the Chevy Spark registered in Texas. This time they were open and when I got there literally I was the only person in line (there was one person already at the window.)  I talked to them about the issues with it being expired for two years and they said that that was no problem and that I was doing the right things at the right time, so that was great.

Before registering the car I had to run across the street to get it inspected.  That was quick and easy, no line at all and no issues with the car.  Then right back across the street to finish up the registration which was super easy.  This was a great car registration experience and was over in no time.  Had I known how the inspection process worked it would have been quite a bit faster too.  And I even had time to talk to the tax assessor about what to do about when we are out of the country for the lapse of registration next year, which is going to happen in June no matter what we do because we can’t be around Texas anytime near when the car is going to expire again.  It was all very helpful.

Dominica and the girls went to the Grices’ again for the final day with them (Francesca and Madeline are traveling on Friday to San Antonio for a band conference all weekend.)  I just worked at the house.

This evening, after everyone was done visiting family, Dominica and the girls came home and picked me up and we went to Jimmy Changa’s, a Tex-Mex place, for dinner.  They have all been there before but not me.  The food was quite good and we were able to sit outside in the heat and humidity which is perfect training for Panama in just a few days while the kids spent most of the time that we were there playing on the playground that they have.  It was perfect.  Dominica and I each got grilled tilapia fish tacos and we had some chips with green sauce.  Liesl just had rice and Luciana had mac and cheese.  It was a nice evening and the price was really reasonable (actually, downright cheap.)  We had plenty of tasty food, I even got a cocktail and the whole thing was like thirty two dollars for the whole family!

More packing tonight and some more Big Bang Theory.