July 24, 2015: Frantic Packing

This is it, our final day before we go to Panama and really, because we are going to Panama so early in the morning, it might as well be today that we are leaving.  We do not have time to get anywhere near a full night’s sleep tonight.  We’ve been telling the girls that we are leaving tonight, rather than tomorrow, because that is what it is going to feel like.  We have to be on the road to the airport by three thirty in the morning!!  There is so much left to do before we leave, too.

This morning the Grice kids came over, except for Madeline who went with Francesca on a school trip to San Antonio in the Acadia, and mostly spent the day swimming in the pool with Dominica watching them while I worked.

Today Liesl showed me that she was able to make her own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  This is something that she has never been able to do before.  This is a big step as we make sandwiches for the girls all of the time.  She was so excited that she insisted on making one for her sister too.  And now that Liesl appreciates how hard it is to cut her sandwich into quarters she has decided that the big girl thing to do is to eat the sandwich whole.  So in one fell swoop we went from us making sandwiches for the girls and having to cut them up to Liesl eating whole sandwiches that she makes for herself.  Pretty awesome.

In the evening Dominica took the kids out to dinner, brought home Subway for us and it was time to set to work packing everything up.  Not just packing to go but packing up the upstairs of the Toccos’ house because the kids had toys covering a huge percentage of it.  What a mess.  So much to do.  Dominica worked solid on it all night.  There was very little for me to do, so much required her to make decisions about where it was going to go and how it would be stored or whatever and which things were coming to Panamá and which things were going into the closets and which things needed to be kept together or whatever.

There was so much to do that the packing process went late into the night.  She worked to get the girls’ bedroom cleaned up so that they could get to bed but it was probably after eleven when they went to bed and that meant that they would only be getting a few hours of sleep before we had to get up to leave.  Our own night of sleep was getting shorter and shorter very quickly, too.

We ended up working until it was so late that there really was no reason to go to bed, but we were hopeful that we we would get some amount of sleep so we attempted it.  We went to bed, with everything packed, about ninety minutes before the alarm was set to go off.  Not fun.