July 6, 2015: Finally Arrive in Houston

There was sadly no way to avoid today being another driving day.  This feels like it has been the longest drive to Texas ever.  I have never needed to stop twice before although we have been using Ohio as an extra stop the last few times that we have done the drive back and forth before this.  But, in a way, you could consider Waverly to have been a stop along the way.  Although, on the other hand, that actually made this seem like four days of driving instead of just three!  Talk about a lot of travel.

We got up earlier today and got right onto the road to see how quickly we could make it to Houston.  There was traffic again, as soon as we were on the road in Louisiana.  This did not make me happy.  It took a long time to get across the state.  And boy was it hot.  Mostly in the form of humidity.  It was eight eight degrees and water dripping off of everything when we left the hotel room.  It was ninety four when we eventually got to Texas.

I finished my Simon Winchester book this morning, which was excellent as all of his books have been, and then I moved on to reading “W is for Wasted”, the latest in Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Murders series.

Today’s drive was not too horrible.  But it was pretty long, still.  It was mid-afternoon when we finally got into the Houston area.  Unfortunately because I did not have a house key with me and because there was no one at the house I had to drive quite a bit past League City down to Dickensen to the CVS where Brittany was working to borrow her house key and then drive back up to the house.  So we lost possibly as much as an hour with that extra driving!  Not a good day for that to have happened.

Dominica, Francesca and the kids were on the road out of Frankfort this morning and on their way down too.  They should arrive in Houston tomorrow night.

We got up to the house and to our surprise the house alarm went off.  That wasn’t good!  Good thing I was able to text Brittany and she was able to shut it off from her phone and call the alarm company to tell them that it was a false alarm.

I had to set up my laptop and get to work right away.  I had already missed the morning stand up meeting.  But that was not too big of a deal as we have all been working a ton of hours as of late and everyone knows that I am working like crazy to make it so that I can be out there in San Francisco in two days.

Liesl was super happy to be out of the car and was very excited to get to play with all of her toys again.  Instantly she had the toy closet in her bedroom emptied out and toys spread out all over the house!  She went pretty much crazy.

I ran out to Taco Bell to get dinner for us.  It is cheap, easy, healthy and close and I know that Liesl is looking forward to more of their rice.

We stayed up to visit with Joe and Brittany just a little bit tonight.  Joe did not get home until after midnight so we only saw him for thirty minutes maximum before we needed to get to bed.  At least we are finally here in Texas.  The drive is over.  I now get just one day between all of the driving and needing to fly out to California early Wednesday morning.