July 7, 2015: One Day in Texas

Today is Tuesday and it is my one day in Texas for a while.  Liesl and I slept in this morning being pretty tired.  Dominica and Francesca were up and driving before we got up.  They stayed in the Nashville area last night so have a lot of driving that they need to do yet today.

I spent the day working heavily trying to get caught up a little bit from the bedroom.  I set up a small table there and sat on a folding chair for the day.  Liesl was very excited to have access to her large toy library again and had toys out and spread out all over the upstairs.  She has missed having so many toys.  She was engaged all day playing with them, other than coming in to ask me when we would have a chance to do some sewing together.  She has been asking to get to sew using her sewing kit for a week or more.  She loves getting to do that.

Dominica and Francesca made really good time coming down from Nashville and were doing so well that Liesl and I decided to hold off on getting our dinner from Panda Express, which Liesl had been very excited to get to have again, until they all arrived.

I dropped off Panda Express for Francesca at her house and then took dinner back for the family.

We spent the evening cleaning, packing, prepping and getting to bed as early as possible because we need to be up at three in the morning!  It is going to be really rough tomorrow.

Last night, obviously, I got to sleep with Liesl.  Tonight she slept with Dominica and I slept with Luciana.  This is the last time that I get to spend with the girls for a week and a half.