July 9, 2015: BART Fire So Working From Home

I woke up at six this morning on the couch.  I was much better rested and feeling pretty good.  The couch was very comfortable and the cats only slept with me for a little bit when I first went to bed.

I was planning on going into the office this morning but by the time it was time to go to the BART station, there had been a fire on a train and the public transit system was shut down.  So we settled into working from the house instead.  That saves two or more hours of commuting for us, which is good.

It is another cool and drizzly day here in San Bruno, California.  It was pretty laid back today since Jeff and I were working from the house all day.

We managed to get a lot of work done today but did not try to push it too much.  Work has been so crazy as of late that we just can’t keep pushing all of the time or we are all going to burn out.