July 10, 2015: One Market for Dinner

It is my one Friday out here in California for this trip.  Jeff and I were up early this morning, Jeff super early as he got called very early.  So we did our start of day from the house and then Sarah drove me down to the BART station while Jeff attempted to rest for a little bit before going to the office.

So I took the BART from San Bruno station to 16th and Mission and walked to the office from there.  It was a nice day, slightly warm as the sun was out by the time that I was walking.

Today started off on the slow side, it was good to be in the office.  Jeff came in a few hours later.  Our whole afternoon and evening was super busy with an orchestrated denial of service attack going on for much of the day.  So we were busy and scrambling to take care of that.  It was a very crazy afternoon going into the evening.

We worked very late and were worried, right up until the last moment, that we were going to miss our big dinner for the team that we were having tonight which has been scheduled for weeks now.  But we pulled it off and were able to head to dinner with barely any time to spare.

Dinner was at One Market near Embarcadero.  There were about ten of us.  It was an amazing dinner.  I started with a smoked salmon and egg appetizer that was quite good.  My main course was bay scallops and dessert was goat and sheep cheese.  We had a really nice evening.

Not much after dinner.  Got back to the house and just had a quiet evening.  It was pretty late by the time that we got there, taking the BART back.  I played a little bit of Broken Sword and went to bed.