June 11, 2015: Slower Day

Very tired this morning having gotten very little sleep last night because I was up late dealing with being paged out.

The Steam and GOG Summer Sales have been going on and I’ve been taking quite a beating there.  There have been just tons and tons of games that I was really interested in.  I’ve gotten probably around forty games in these rounds of sales!  Liesl, Luciana and I have an immense backlog of titles to work our way through now.

I am still working from the kitchen.  I need to rethink this strategy.  Today is Thursday and hopefully things will be on the slower side and work with it being the lead in to the weekend.

I bought my train ticket for the Amtrak Lakeshore Limited on Saturday so that I can zip out from Utica to Rochester to go to the SpiceCorps Rochester meeting Saturday night and then get some time visiting with dad.  The plan is for me to go out Saturday, go to the meeting, then go to dad’s for the weekend and come back out to Frankfort on Monday driving the Chevy Spark back with me as we need a car for us.  Francesca has the GMC Acadia so that is in use and we do not all fit into it anyway.

Today did turn out to be pretty decent.  Not too bad at all.