June 10, 2015: Liesl Loses Another Tooth

Today was far less busy than yesterday was with work.  Yesterday was really bad.  Today, I am still working at the kitchen table, but it was much improved.  During the day I was able to make another attempt at playing the final scenario in Tropico 4 and I am very happy to say that I was able to beat it.  I have completed Tropico 4 which is something that makes me very happy because I have such a history of not completing video games.  It is really easy for me to start a game but taking the time to actually work my way completely through them and getting to the end takes quite some effort and it makes me feel very good to be able to stick to it and knock them out.  I have a huge backlog of games to play and completing some is a nice feeling.

This afternoon, while playing in the living room with her cousins which always gets a bit rowdy, Liesl fell forward and hit the couch with her face.  The impact knocked out one of the loose teeth that she has had.  She took it like a champ, though, and barely complained at all.  This is her second tooth in about two weeks.  She is losing them very quickly now.

This evening the kids were all outside using sidewalk chalk to colour all over the Toccos’ large, new black topped parking lot at the house.  It is perfect for the kids to all play outside.  They love the space and the neighbour kids came over too to join them.

This evening I was able to wrap up work and not stay at it all evening.  While we had a little bit of time to relax, Dominica and I grabbed the television in the dining room and put on The Love Boat and made it through one and a half episodes, which Emily joined us for.  We are now on the fourth season of the show (having skipped the second season as, for some reason, that is the one that is not available.)

After watching the show we tried to go to bed but after everyone else went to bed I ended up getting paged and needing to get up and work for a while before I was able to actually try to get some sleep.  I am still generally pretty tired.  Going to take a while before I get a chance to catch up.  Between the recent travel and all kinds of issues at work, there just has not been a lot of opportunity to be catching up on sleep (or SGL or much of anything else.)