June 17, 2015: Soy Allergy

It is Wednesday in Frankfort.  Pretty much a normal day today.  A slow morning and working normal hours.  Still very busy at work as it has been for the last few weeks.  Things have been pretty crazy and everyone is experiencing a bit of burnout.  Really looking forward to things stabilizing a lot so that we can get back to normal.

At dinner today I had the allergic asthma reaction again and, yes, there was soy.  So this is three for three.  Now that we are paying attention I have had soy three times and the asthma reaction three times.  The correlation is definitely getting to be convincing pretty quickly.

This is going to be really crappy if I have a real soy allergy as soy is a huge component of my diet, being a vegetarian.

Tonight Luciana said to me: My favourite part of you…. are snuggles.