June 18, 2015: We Own the Spark

Today is a big day for us, we have officially made the final payment on our 2013 Chevy Spark.  It is only a little, cheap car and we only took out a three year loan on it and we made the final payment a month early because we wanted to, but it is done and it is ours.  This is the first car that we have paid off and owned outright since Dominica’s Mazda PR5 (the blue one) was paid off, which was a very long time ago, sometime around 2006.  This is the first car that Dominica and I purchased as a couple that we have paid off!  And it is the first of the “now we live in Europe elimination bills” that we have to work on.  The other big, new pay-down items are selling off the white Acadia and selling the Texas house.  We plan to do both of those this summer.  What a massive difference those two items will make on top of having the Spark be all done!!

We did not have rain today, possibly the first day without rain since I have been back in New York.  So much rain here!

This morning I walked to the Friendly Bake Shop and got $30 of donuts for everyone.  We eat a lot of donuts here. They are awesome.  They make some of the best donuts anywhere right around the corner from the house.  Very hard to resist.  It’s the icing that really makes the difference.

I got to work first thing this morning and worked all day.  So, like yesterday, was locked away up in the upstairs bedroom away from everyone for the entire day.  But, I think, I was decently productive and I am feeling much better being on my own upstairs.  It is not an ideal work environment but it is easily as good or more comfortable than I have been in Spain for the last few months so I am used to it.

The kids played outside a lot today.  There was a lot of fighting too, especially while Dominica and Francesca were out doing some shopping.  The kids are getting on the restless side.

It was a very busy work day today so little time to do much of anything.  I pretty much ventured downstairs for coffee and returned to my upstairs cave to work.

We put on some Michel Bublee on the Echo today and Liesl was so excited about the music that she smacked her head into the door!

This evening Dominica and I watched about three episodes of Modern Family before she headed to bed and I returned to work for another couple of hours.

Of note, today Greg and I talked further about plans that we had started working on in earnest two days ago about getting all of the servers out of the Toronto data center.  On its own, this is not worthy of much note.  But this is really just some context for what is to come in about a week (obvious this post is being written a few weeks later than the date of the post.)