June 24, 2015: Jurassic Word at the Drive In

Finally a sunny day in New York.  There has been so much rain that dad has not had a chance to mow the lawn so he spent some time doing that this morning.  Luciana thought that it was great fun running around the house to watch grandpa as he mowed.  It was so adorable when she would run into the office where I was working and stand on her tiptoes to look out the window.  She was so sweet.  I managed to get a really cute picture of her doing it too.

We have been talking about wanting to go to the Silver Lake Drive In to see Jurassic World for a few days but were unsure, especially with everything that has been going on at the office, if we would be able to pull it off or not.  But as work wrapped up today the weather was looking like it was going to cooperate, work was relatively slow and we seemed to have a chance to pull it off.

I did some work to set up to do a server transfer tonight off of the server in Toronto.  But there was too much to do to be able to kick it off before leaving for the evening to go to the drive in.  So it was set up so that I could start it once we returned after the movie.

Around eight thirty we ran out to Perry to go to the drive in.  It has been a while since we were able to go.  We were all very excited.  Dad came out too with his own car.

While Dominica stayed at the car with the girls, dad and I went and picked up dinner.  We got pizza for us and the girls, dad got a sandwich.  Once we were back to the cars, Dominica and I went out in search of popcorn too.

When the movie started, the girls both stayed in the Volvo with dad while Dominica and I stayed in the Acadia.  The movie proved to be pretty intense and Luciana came back over to our car first but was not into it and wanted to go to bed and was pretty upset that she had nowhere to go.  I managed to make her a bed far in the back and she eventually fell back asleep.  Towards the end of the movie Liesl came over too, the movie was too gory and scary for her.  Dad found her huddling under a blanket.

So the movie was not a good one for the girls.  I thought that it would have been, drawing on the history of the first three Jurassic Park movies.  But this one was much more over the top.  So much more violent and very unnecessarily so.

Overall I was not a big fan of the movie.  It wasn’t bad, but it was not as good as it should have been.  It was poorly written, the special effects were not as good as the ones from over twenty years ago – it was, at best, “dialed in.”  This was clearly a lazy movie just relying on its name.  No one bothered to make it have a good story, good action or anything.  It was, at best, very weak.

After the movie we headed back home.  We all needed to get to bed and the second movie was no good for the girls, even if they could have stayed up for it and whatever it was was not something that any of us were interested in either.

As soon as we left the drive in I got an alert on my phone that the server in Toronto had failed.  The very server that Greg and I have been working on for about two months.  The server that I was trying to get off of before going to the movie.

Talk about bad timing.  I figure this is about a 50,000:1 chance in timing assuming that we knew that the server was going to die by now.  Which of course we cannot, so the chances are much less likely than even that.  The timing on this is truly insane.

So I got back to the house, checked out the situation and contacted the datacenter to see what they could do.  We put in an hour or two and determined that nothing could be done.  The server is dead and there is nothing left to do today.

Got to bed pretty late.  Going to be a restless night and a really rough day tomorrow.