August 1, 2015: Bob and Paul Arrive

We had a nice, relaxing morning today.  This is our first real weekend here in Panamá and so we got to sleep in and do almost nothing all morning.  We did a little cleaning but mostly did nothing.  We have been doing a little bit of research about where we are going to be going in the fall and Dominica and I have decided that we are going to hold off on our next trip to Europe because our next travel window is a relatively small one and the cost and effort of a trip over the pond will be too much for too little time there.  So instead we are planning to go to Nicaragua.

We have a few properties in Nicaragua that we are interested in. Mostly we are looking around the small city of Granada, which is also the oldest European city in the new world.

Bob and Paul drove out from Panama City this morning and went first to El Valle to have lunch.  So it was late afternoon, by the time that they had fought traffic all morning, had lunch and then did the drive down to Playa Blanca, by the time that they had gotten here.  They have a white, rented Toyota Yaris hatchback that, other than being a hatchback, was identical to the one that we had rented last weekend.

We spent a few hours out on the balcony talking and enjoying the ocean breeze.  Then they drove me out to Coronado to go to the Rey grocery store there as our food situation was getting pretty tough here at the condo.  We ended up shopping for an hour and buying nearly four hundred dollars in additional groceries – much of it in frozen food that will hopefully last us for a while.

It was a big shopping trip but I got a lot of really necessary stuff.  We are in much better shape to be “trapped” in our home in Playa Blanca now.  Tons of frozen fish and veggies.  Overall we are going to be eating very healthy this month because we truly have no other choices!

After getting back to the condo the guys dropped me off and then set out to drive back to El Valle.  We will see them again tomorrow morning when Paul comes back by himself to pick us all up so that we can spend the weekend up in the mountains.