August 3, 2015: Back to Playa Blanca

We got up this morning in El Valle.  I was awake around seven thirty by my Ciana was so sweet and snugly, I stayed in bed for another hour.  Before getting out of bed I accidentally knocked my iPhone 5s off of the top of the bed and it hit the tile floor and the screen shattered.  My first every broken phone.  I knew that all of the tile floors in Panama were going to get me eventually.  It only took a week.

This made for a complicated morning as being in Panama without a working phone would be a disaster.  This has to be fixed right away.  All the more complicated because we do not have a car.

We had breakfast at the house, Bob’s mother in law cooked for us.  Then Paul and I went out for a walk to see if there was anywhere around the village that would be able to deal with the phone for us.  We walked all of the way down to the hostel that we were at last night but did not have any luck.  There was a MoviStar store and they said that no one in town could do it and that we would probably have to go to Panama City to get what we needed, which seems ridiculous that we would have to drive three hours to get a phone fixed.  This might be a rough day.

Paul and I stopped and got a coffee before returning to the house.  Dominica had the car all packed up and the girls ready to go.  We had to be home before noon because the Internet access out in El Valle was just not good enough for me to be able to work effectively.

The drive back was pretty tough on the girls.  All three of them were feeling pretty sick.  We took the detour back to Coronado and thankfully in the first plaza that we went to we found a phone repair place!  Half an hour and a hundred dollars later my phone was fixed (although I no longer have the cool finger print reader that I love so much) and all is well.  While we waited Dominica and the girls went shopping at the dollar store next door and we managed to get colouring books and sand toys so that they can play at the beach which we hope to go to in the morning.

We were back at Playa Blanca at a quarter after eleven.  The exterminators had come this morning while we were gone which was perfect timing.

Dominica and the girls sat outside for an hour or two to let the fumes dissipate in the condo before having the girls play inside again.

After the exciting morning we had a quiet evening and just outside while the girls watched Nick Jr. in Spanish.  We let them watch television more here than back home (which is basically none) because it is in Spanish and we are hoping that they are picking it up to some degree.  We have no idea if that theory works or not, though.  I should try watching it with them.

We spent some time tonight working on our plans for Nicaragua.  We think that we know which house we are going to attempt to rent while we are there.  We found a place that looks really nice, has an indoor pool and is very cost effective.