August 4, 2015: Beach Day

I was up around seven thirty this morning.  Dominica was up not long after me.  Liesl had slept in our bed last night because she found an ant in her bed when she was trying to sleep last night and freaked out and needed to sleep with us.

Once the girls were up this morning we got them ready and right out the door, which was about nine thirty, to walk down to the beach and spend the morning in the ocean.  We actually did really well and put in probably two hours down on the beach!  It was pretty awesome.  That was a great way to start the day.  We got some exercise as the walk is pretty far and the girls had an awesome time playing out on the beach.

The tide was going out when we got there so we got to slowly move out with it. The girls had so much fun playing in the sand. Dominica sat on a chair and I spent my time walking the beach.  The girls did a lot of shell collecting.  I found the outlet of the Farollon River and we played in that too.  We discovered tons of crabs living in the rocks there too.  It was very interesting.  The girls got to see their first crabs.

I got a little bit of sun today.  Still don’t really have a tan, though.  I can’t believe how much sun I get and how little tan I pull off from it.

I worked all day standing at the kitchen counter.  I am trying to avoid sitting too much which is so easy to do.  The chairs in these rental places are terrible for trying to actually work.

Liesl managed to do a bit of school today.  Keeping in that habit with all of the moving is very hard.

This evening Dominica and I sat outside.  I had a lot of database documentation work that I needed to do this evening so I was working on that and wrapped it up around midnight.

Bob is coming to pick me up around seven thirty in the morning and we are driving out to Panama City.  I will be staying at the Hilton DoubleTree Panama City all week.  Going to be a long day.