August 6, 2015: Second Day in Panama City

Considering that I was up until four thirty this morning I was pretty impressed with myself for waking up on my own at seven thirty!  Up and getting started on the day nice and early.

I have nothing scheduled during the day today.  We had a lunch set up today but sadly Bob’s friend that we were going to be lunching with had a heart attack yesterday and is in the hospital.  He had to have a bypass but seems to be doing okay at this point.  Bob and Paul ended up going to lunch without me across town with Bob’s cousin.

I just spent the day working from the hotel room.  This allowed me to get a bit done and to have some time to really relax as it was nice and quiet.

After lunch Bob and Paul stopped by to catch me up and to talk for about an hour.  Then they took off and decided to call it a day.  They had a busy day yesterday and wanted to get in early and spend the evening with Bob’s family with whom they were staying since our evening plans had all been cancelled anyway.

Maria came by in the late afternoon and gave me a ride to the Pacific Mall so that I could hit the MacStore (not to be confused with the Apple Store) in the hopes of finding a replacement power cable for my MacBook Pro and a Thunderbolt to HDMI cable so that we could hook up the laptop to the television in the house.

That took a bit of the day but I did manage to find the cables that I needed (and it only cost $130!!)  Argh.

After work this evening Brynne stopped by and we headed into Casco Viejo via taxi and just started walking to see what we could find.  We stumbled quickly on a roof top terrace where we found amazing food and the best vodkatinis ever.  Ginger pear vodka martinis.  So good.  And the best bruschetta I have ever had.

After dinner there we hit an art gallery and hung out there for a little bit just because it seemed interesting.  Then we walked all over the old town and settled on sitting outside on the water front where we ran into a group of Londoners, two of whom had moved to Panama and talked to us for a while about living in Panama and having moved from Columbia.

We thought, and were told, that everything was going to be closed by this point but before completely giving up on food (our earlier food had been very light because we thought that Maria and her friend were going to meet us later on but their evening meeting ended up being over five hours instead of one!!) we walked a little bit down the water front and discovered the Whisky Bar which turned out to be the best find of the night.

The drinks and the food at Whisky Bar were amazing and the kitchen was open incredibly late.  They did whisky-themed tapas and so we just kept sampling.  Everything was great.

I will be going back to the Whisky Bar for sure.  Best find in Casco Viejo.