August 31, 2015: Arriving in Silver Bay, Finally

It is Monday morning and I was supposed to be in New York yesterday afternoon and here I am still in Atlanta, Georgia.  I actually forgot to set an alarm last night and miraculously was awake, completely on my own, at six thirty which was right when I needed to get up to make it to my flight!  Talk about cutting it close!!

I got packed up and ran for the shuttle.  Made it to the airport with plenty of time and it was a nice, easy wait for my morning flight up to Albany.  The flight went fine and I was in Albany at eleven.  My bag was even there, although Delta lost the record of it which was pretty upsetting for a few minutes as they decided to imply that I was an idiot for thinking that my bag would have made it when there wasn’t enough time for me to have made the plane – the opposite thing that I was told was foolish to think by the same company last night.  But thankfully the bag was there and they just failed to track it properly.  So unhappy with Delta.

I had a driver waiting for me at baggage claim.  We had one person coming in on another flight yet and one person had made it before me.  We had a towncar taking the three of us up to Silver Bay on Lake George in the Adirondacks from there.  I got to hang out with Jaha Dukureh who had arrived before me for about two hours which was an awesome experience.

We got to the YMCA Camp at Silver Bay and I got checked in, got into my room and made it just a few minutes late for the first afternoon session after lunch.  I was told that the sessions before that were pretty light and I really did not miss anything.

This evening, after dinner, which we ate outside being attacked like crazy by black flies, we had story time by a big bonfire in the woods which was awesome.  The bonfire was whatever but the stories were amazing.  It was so incredible to find out more about several of our coworkers and many of them had some truly unbelievable life stories.  It was a really moving experience.


Got to bed around one thirty this morning.