September 1, 2015: First Full Retreat Day

Today is my first full core day at the retreat having gotten into Silver Bay in the early afternoon yesterday.  I got a decent night’s sleep and am feeling far better today.  It is hot again, though, but not quite as hot as yesterday.

I took advantage of the breakfast period to sleep as long as I could until it was time for the morning session.

The sessions were good today, it was an interesting and enjoyable day.  I had no idea what to expect before coming out to the retreat and overall it seems like it is going to be pretty good.  The only major issue is the lack of air conditioning which means that I am dying because you get hot and never get a chance to cool down as there is never a time that you get into the AC.

This evening was the big talent show.  I was really surprised by just how amazing the whole thing, which was about three hours long, was.  Everyone was crazily good.  I was totally shocked.

After the talent show I just ended up sitting out on the docks hanging out with whoever was awake late.  I was up walking people home till around four thirty in the morning.