September 15, 2015: Still Waiting on Decisions

Another tough day of mostly waiting to see how things will fall.  By today we are pretty confident that we are going to be turning down the option to move to California and are going to look into doing something else but we are not completely sure yet.

This afternoon I had a brief meeting with the office to talk about the situation and to set a schedule for deciding on what is going to be done.  So the current schedule is for a decision to be reached by Friday afternoon.  So, one way or another, we should know what is going on by Friday.

We are feeling generally good about the option to not move to California but do not have all of the pieces in place yet and are not one hundred percent sure that it will all work so we are still waiting to figure it all out.

So still under a bit of stress as we try to make decisions.  Can’t wait for this to be all over.