September 14, 2015: Decision Week Begins

I was up early this morning.  Had a lot of phone calls today.  Kept myself very busy.     So I was up at seven this morning.

We spent a lot of time today trying to figure out what it would look like for us to move out to California.  Dominica did a bit of research on the home school laws to see what that would look like and actually found that California is pretty good for that and that it would not be all that big of a deal for us to switch the home school stuff from Texas to California.  We are pretty happy about that.  It was a major concern that that would be a disaster.

The downsides to California are pretty big.  Really high taxes, long commutes, incredibly high costs of living and long hours in the office away from the family.  It all adds up and very quickly.  And then there is the cost of getting out there, too.  That’s not trivial.  And then, on top of all of that, there is the fact that they waited to tell us about the move until after we were out of Panamá, after the retreat and when we had just, the night before, paid for and committed to the flights and apartment in Nicaragua.  The timing for making the decision to go to California could not have been “worse.”

So most of our day was spent trying to look into options and get a really good idea of what it would mean to go and what it would mean to not go.

We are a bit stressed but hopeful.  We really hope that this bit of stress turns out to be just what we need to be a catalyst into something bigger and better.  Time will tell.