October 1, 2015: A Marching Band

And thus October begins.  This is a year of huge changes for us and the time is just flying by like nobody’s business.  It feels like it was just January a few days ago, yet so much has happened to us this year.  From changing jobs, twice, to living in a different country thrice…. what a year and it isn’t over yet, we are only seventy five percent through the year thus far.

This morning Dominica cooked a late breakfast for her and me.  We do not have a lot of breakfast (or any meal) options around the house but there are eggs and bread.

We are really liking Granada still.  Everything has been very good.  We are still a little tired and still figuring the place out but, overall, we are pretty happy and certainly are considering Nicaragua as a potential for our long term “base of operations.”  The location and cost are just really too good to just overlook.

In the afternoon our street turned into a hard core marching band practice that went on for an hour or two.  Because there is no glass on the windows and because everything that we have is open air onto the street we might as well have had an entire marching band playing right inside of the living room.  It was pretty extreme, but interesting.

This evening Dominica was not feeling like going out again, the last two days were just too much and the heat really wears us out, and so she sent me out to Pizza Vale on my own to pick up take out (para llevar) pizza for the family.  Their vegetarian pizza that we discovered last night was just really calling her name and she could not resist it.

Getting take out pizza proved to be super cheap, less than ten dollars for their largest (the family sized) pizza loaded with toppings.

Once I got home we sat on the floor of the master bedroom and put on The Nanny and watched that while we ate our dinner.  A nice, quiet family night in.