October 2, 2015: Marching Band Day

This morning it was nearly frost on the ground back home in Upstate New York and it was in the low nineties here in Nicaragua with a heat index up into the low hundreds.

The marching band starting playing in front of our house this morning around eight or nine in the morning and it continued to play for pretty much the entire day!  They are improving a lot but this is a bit much.  We pretty much could not talk to each other all day long.

For breakfast today we walked downtown and went to Kelley’s Waffle House, which we love.  Their food is excellent, although they clearly cater to the expats and tourists.  But it is still very good and the girls love the selection of waffles, pancakes and French toast.  It is very handy how easy it is to get pancakes and waffles here in Nicaragua after how hard it was in Spain and Panama.

I worked on some Elastix PBX builds today.  Doing projects and documentation most of the day, along with some writing and posting.

This evening we just stayed in and took it easy finding stuff to eat around the house.  We will do a bit of exploring Granada over the weekend, I am sure.  We are still recovering a little bit from all of our travel and getting settled into our new home down in Central America.