October 16, 2015: Finding a New Panaderia

Boy Friday just sneaked up on us here in Granada!  We had been talking about traveling this week and here we are, the week already over and we never even seriously looked into going anywhere.

I was up well before six again and came downstairs and got to writing for over two hours before Johanna our maid came and was cleaning the house.  She works three hours a day, three days a week here.  Our pool and house maintenance guy came too, while she was here, and replaced a lightbulb and some other small things in addition to taking care of the pool.

After they left we rounded up the kids and went for a walk downtown to Kathy’s Waffle House which Liesl had requested last night that we do today.  Luciana fought the idea but was very happy once we got there and the girls enjoyed having pancakes.

It was raining lightly while we were at the restaurant and sprinkling as we walked back to the house.

I had a phone conference for about an hour this afternoon and otherwise just wrote most of the day.  Had a phenomenal day on MangoLassi thanks to our first ever “dual post” with another community.  Got nearly ten to one the posts and interest on ML compared to the other, traditionally busier, community while getting good info and a solution for the person asking the question while the other community just got a tiny bit of light conversation.  Pretty awesome change of pace.  Very excited about that.

I went for a walk in the light rain this evening, leaving around five.  I did eight and a half kilometers going south and then southwest of the city on the main “highway.”  It was a good walk and I discovered where a lot of things are and know much more of the city now.

On the way back, around seven, I stopped at a new panaderia that I discovered while out on the walk and got a bag full of pastries with which to surprise the family.  This was a nice, European-style cafe and bakery with lots of desserts and real espresso and everything.  I think that we are going to be pretty happy that I discovered this new place and so close to the house.  Things tend to be hidden on the strangest little side streets.  So much different than in the US where every business is on a main road.  Here you might find any random business on any little side street.  The idea of a main road with all of the businesses really just does not exist outside of the plaza mejor downtown.

I got home and we watched The Nanny with the girls for a while and ate our pastries.  Then we set up Liesl in our room with Minecraft on my HP Folio 13 laptop and she played that for at least an hour.  She had been playing Minecraft the entire time that I was out walking as well.  She has gotten so good at it.  She does amazing stuff and it is really encouraging her to write new words constantly.