October 15, 2015: Caught in the Rain

I woke up early this morning but felt lazy and went back to bed until seven.  Got up later and moved down to the kitchen and got to work standing between the kitchen and the pool.

For breakfast, Dominica made fried rice.  We have a fruit and vegetable lady who delivers us fresh produce daily now, which means that we are heavily stocked on that stuff and need to consume it as we are running out of space.

Mostly just a standard day here in Granada.  Dominica and the girls did school with a long art class today – the girls are painting suns.  And I did a ton of writing and had a long conference call today.

This evening I talked the family into going out to dinner.  I was feeling like something a little more fancy but Dominica was feeling like something close so we just went to Cafe Isabella.  I just got the tuna melt, which I had been craving a little.  Dominica got the shrimp curry which she really liked.  The girls split an order of fish fingers and they were very happy.

While we were eating dinner it started to rain, very hard.  We were drenched by the time that we were back to the house.  Actually drenched to the point where I had to wring out my shirt to keep from dripping everywhere!

I dropped off the family and then went out again to the El Carmen Panaderia to pick up cake for dessert.  Dominica and I had tres leche while Luciana had a birthday cake slice.  Liesl did not want anything.

We watched The Nanny as a family for a while at Luciana’s request.  After a few episodes the girls decided to retire to their own room to do their own thing.  I played Back to the Future: The Game to catch up to where we had had the issue last night and managed to get past it which actually meant that the first episode of the game was completed and we are ready to start Episode Two now.