October 18, 2015: Lizards and Family Gaming Night

We opted for a quiet Sunday at home today.  Dominica’s ankle still hurts from she doesn’t know what, so she is not up for walking or doing anything until that is better.  We can’t rent a car today as things are closed on Sundays.  So we are just home.

We had a nice time just relaxing around the house.  In the early afternoon I went out for a short walk, just a few kilometers, around the city.  I went downtown and took a few pictures.  It was a nice walk and the weather was not too bad.

Luciana had a scare this evening.  She thought that there was a big insect in her room.  I ran in to check on her.  It turns out that it was a gecko up by the ceiling casting a bit, triangular shadow.  She was very glad to learn that it was a little baby gecko watching over her and keeping the insects away.  The girls love all of the lizards that live all over the house.  We are so happy that they think that they are cute and sweet as so many kids would likely be afraid of them.  We probably have a dozen lizards living inside of the house with us.

Since Luciana was asleep and Liesl was busy doing her own thing, we decided that it was time for Back to the Future: The Game.  We set up in our bedroom and began Episode 2.  After a little while, Liesl came in to join us.  She said that she was hoping for a family game night tonight and had been hoping that we would play Back to the Future.  So she was very happy.  She stayed with us all evening.  Eventually Luciana woke up and came in too but was upset because she did not want to play this game.  But she eventually snuggled in the bed with us and had a good time too.  She just likes to be contrary.

By the end of family video game night we completed the second episode of Back to the Future.  I have the third episode set to download during the night.  Hopefully we are able to play that tomorrow.